IAP initiative

  • The Immunizeindia national vaccination reminder program was conceived as an initiative of IAP during the leadership of IAP president 2012, Dr Rohit C Agarwal and Secretary General Dr Sailesh Gupta. The program was launched by IAP president 2014, Dr Vijay N Yewale. Their pioneering effort has now become the world's largest and most successful vaccination reminder service.


  • Dr. Ranjan Kumar Pejaver, co-founder, is an honorary Professor of Neonatology and an author of several books on child development and neonatal management. He is currently the President elect of the Asia Oceania Perinatal Societies and has held office in the Neonatal Foundation and IAP. He speaks often at events worldwide and has published 64 scientific papers.

  • Janani Barath, co-founder, has over 10 years of experience working in the field of childhood disability, including with many children who owe their condition to lack of immunization.

  • Gaurav Kumar is responsible for Immunizeindia technology and operations. He is an engineer with expertise in open source, cloud based technologies.

  • Lee Krishnan is a teacher and creative writer, passionate about children and her work with them. She creates and designs Immunizeindia's communications.

  • Gopala Krishnan provides access to resources and technology. He is a digital and mobile technology entrepreneur.


  • Dr. Sailesh G Gupta, Immediate Past Secretary General of IAP, whose tireless efforts have made IAP-Immunizeindia the world's largest vaccination reminder program.

  • Dr. Pramod Jog, President of IAP and Dr. Bakul Parekh, Secretary General of IAP, for his support.

  • Dr. Rohit C Agarwal, Past President of IAP and Dr. Vipin Vashishtha, Past Convener of IAPCOI, have provided the initial support and guidance to launch this important national program as an IAP initiative


  • Sunit Gala, Ph.D lives in Oakland and is a leading global expert in database technologies and business intelligence platforms. He has co-founded or incubated 12 technology businesses, with two exits. Sunit represents Immunizeindia, raising funds and support from the technology entrepreneur community in Silicon Valley.

  • Augusto Pellarini lives in Washington, DC and works for a global telecommunication operator. He helps Immunizeindia to connect with the World Health Organizations based in Washington with the aim to introduce this service in other countries of the world.

  • Prof. Christoph Zott, Ph.D teaches and conducts research on entrepreneurship at IESE Business School, Barcelona. Professor Zott has been on the faculty of some of the most prestigious business schools and his current research centers on business model innovation and resource management in entrepreneurial firms. His advice has proven to be crucially important to the success of Immunizeindia.

Operations Team

  • Monish Verma heads Operations at IAP-ImmunizeIndia.

  • Dushyant Harsh Krishnan manages the back office operations.

  • Murali Krishnan manages data integrity operations.

Never miss a vaccination date.